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JSC ZMK is a modern hi-tech enterprise with a 40 years of experience of producing of all kind of building and bridge constructions and freight vehicles production. Factory is one of the biggest building industry enterprises of the Volga region with a rated capacity of 160.000 of tones per year.

Nowadays JSC ZMK is a modern, stable working enterprise dealing with several industrial directions.

Numerous engineering staff work at perfection of the existing and creating of new progressive technologies, and manufacturing of internationally standardized production. The factory has a significant industrial potential and is able to deal with learning of alternative technically complicated production.

A significant part of the capital investment is used for modernizing of the existing manufacturing and learning of new technologies.

We appreciate everyone who chose JSC ZMK as a business partner. Your confidence is the best appraisal of our activity. And we will do our best to make You sure in Your choice.


Yours respectfully,

General Director of

JSC ZMK                                                            Maxim   Stolbun