Technological capabilities

JSC ZMK is a modern hi-tech enterprise which is situated on the left band of the Volga River in Engels city of the Saratov region and having infrastructure which is necessary for producing of metal construction and wagon production.

A parcel in area of 48 hectares includes:

  • The main engineering building in area of 101121 m2 (in axles) consists of blank production shop (preparation and processing of metal), shop of assembling and welding, painting and delivery shop, metal storage and 4 assisting shops (mechanical shop, tool shop, heat-gas-power shop, electrical repair shop).
  • Oxygen and compressor station
  • Central factory laboratory
  • Motor transport section
  • Administrative building
  • Storages

JSC ZMK has an effective technological and lifting appliance.

Procuring engineering is equipped with:

  • Units for gas and plasma arch cutting of metal with NC
  • Sheet leveler which are able to unbend metal of 40 mm thickness
  • Gate shears which are able to cut out metal with 32 mm thickness
  • Bar straightener equipment
  • Hydraulic press with forcing of 400 tones for dressing and bending of H-beams and beam channel
  • Mechanical English train which allows to cut mechanically profile iron with completing of bores in two flat surfaces
  • Units allowing to complete milling of bodies of rotation with 6000 mm width
  • Chain shot-blaster and beat-blasting machines for clearing of oxides and dross of metal-roll

Assembling and welding shops are equipped with:

  • Special turners, stands, conductors
  • Welding sets with dual-arch welding tips allowing to complete automatic welding under melt of H-beams with 2500 mm wall highness
  • Dual-arch welding machines for automatic welding under melt of T joints
  • Gun welders for welding in temper of cover gas

Painting shop is equipped with two painting bake ovens.

Lifting appliance of the shops allows to manufacture metal construction with 40 t mass.

Drive up railways and automobile transport perform the transport communication with the enterprise.