Bridge metal constructions

JSC ZMK manufactures bridge superstructures with weight until 40 t.

Specialists of the enterprise manufactured and supplied:

  • unique pre-fabricated road bridge with bossed traffic which can be assembled in 24 hours in field environment (Tadzhikistan)
  • road bridge (length 1670 m) across the Volga River near Pristannoe in Saratov city
  • bridge across the Severka River (highway Moscow - Chelyabinsk) on Nepetsyno pass-by with unsplit beam spans of hat section
  • pedestrian bridge across the Ural River in Atyrau city (Kazakhstan) with dual longitudinal fall from the middle of the channel span
  • bridge on the highway Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod with unsplit beam spans
  • bridge across the Chernava River near Ivanteevka in the Saratov region performed as a single-bay unsplit structure of 56 m length
  •  two turns of the bridge (159 m) across the Bolshaya Ohta River on the belt-way around Saint Petersburg
  • bridge (168 m) across the gullet Lykov Klyuch on the highway Sysran-Saratov-Volgograd of unsplit beam spans
  • overpass across the road on the highway section of Sysran-Saratov-Volgograd
  • bridge across the Cuban river on the highway in Krasnaya Derevnya in Nevinomysk city of 126 m of beam spans
  • the first turn of the bridge overpass across the Neva River on the belt-way around Saint Petersburg (132m)
  • bridge across the Yauza River in Moscow
  • the highway across the Vyatka River




Мост через р. Нева на кольцевой дороге вокруг г. Санкт Петербурга